Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats in 2019 and Beyond

Recorded Webinar

Backup and disaster recovery is the foundation of an effective, multi-layered approach to cybersecurity in any business. User education, firewalls, intrusion detection and protection, email and web filtering, and security software are all essential parts of a cyberthreat prevention strategy. However, threats do get past these prevention measures, and most small businesses that experience a cyberattack close within the year due to the extreme cost of recovery and downtime. The only way to protect your business from this threat is a backup and disaster recovery system that allows you to maintain business continuity through an attack and restore full functionality to your business within minutes. 

In this webinar, Mike DePalma, Channel Development Manager at Datto, Inc. and Innovative's VP of Operations, Tyler Snyder, walk you through ways to evaluate the right backup and disaster recovery solution for your business. 

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