What to Look for in an Outsourced IT Vendor or Managed Service Provider

Benefits of Working with a Strategic Technology Partner

Does your business use:

  • Computers and/or servers
  • Printers and Copiers
  • Digital Phone Systems
  • Email, Word Processing and Other General Office Software
  • Enterprise Software Solutions
A strategic technology partner understands your unique business and recommends technology solutions to help you achieve your objectives. Rather than piecemeal support from of the individual items listed above, a strategic partner evaluates all technology in your business and supports your business through technology.  Much like your accountant, attorney, or insurance agent, a strategic IT partner is a trusted advisor to your business.

In addition to providing day-to-day tech support and break/fix solutions for computers and other equipment, a strategic IT partner provides long term planning and advice on technology trends and changing needs within your business.

An outsourced IT vendor or managed service provider capable of filling this strategic advisor role provides the following services:
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) & Strategic Planning – a dedicated consultant can take on the role of CIO making proactive, strategic recommendations to support business growth and efficiency.
  • Vendor Management – a strategic partner acts as the liaison between you and your vendors by troubleshooting with software vendors, internet service providers, and phone carriers on your behalf.
  • Device and End User Support – all employees have unlimited access to a helpdesk team. A helpdesk team triages issues and deploys additional on-site or virtual support from a team of technicians and engineers as needed.
  • Remote Support – a team of technicians and engineers are available to you remotely to support individual devices or to provide troubleshooting consultation to your internal support staff.
  • Onsite Support – a team of technicians are available to provide onsite support as needed to resolve problems and/or implement projects.
  • Project Management & Implementation – oversee and implement specific projects necessary to maintain and improve your technology infrastructure.
  • 24x7 Emergency Support – local, on-call technicians are available around the clock to respond to after-hours emergencies.
  • Network Monitoring and Management – monitor and manage all networked devices, allowing for a proactive approach to preventing incidents before they become a problem.
  • Asset Management – inventory and lifecycle management of all networked devices.
  • Threat Management – anti-virus solutions for all networked devices, as well as resolutions for incidents involving viruses and/or malware.
  • Secure Data Backup and Disaster Recovery – secure, redundant backups of your data and recovery services in the event of a breach or data loss. 
  • Security Compliance & Risk Mitigation - through an understanding of the requirements in your business and industry, a strategic partner offers advice and recommendations on maintaining compliance with industry standards like HIPAA and PCI compliance.

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